Clair d’Epines
Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines Clair d’Epines

Clair d'Épines
Charles Darius' Clair d'Epines is one of our most recognizable piece. Specifically designed for Men, this timeless piece is can be worn over your favorite tees and knit tops for a rugged touch of metallic detail.
Choose whether you want a silver or gold filled chain or have a more casual look by picking our genuine leather dark brown cord as well as the length that works best for you between 26"/66cm or 32"/81cm.
Each piece is minutely handcrafted by our artisans in Beverly Hills, CA with the highest attention to each detail making your necklace a truly one of a kind artifact.
Bespoke Inquires:
For more customization, such as adding diamonds or engrave your pendant, please contact our bespoke design service at
Charles Darius has always been inspired by the beauty inherent in nature & the earth-like textures creating a very minimal recognizable piece.
Inspired by his grandfather's work as an archeologist, this necklace is a memory from a time when Men had to craft with their own hands. Charles Darius reinterpretation of an antique nail and its texture as a witness of the time past.
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