Our Rating System Explained

An easy 1 to 10 rating scale on how to choose your favorite watches!



BRENMI Rating System



Performance: Performance measures the overall performance of the watch. It looks at the precision and accuracy of the movement and the type of movement the watch uses along with any certifications.


Design: Design provides buyers with an idea of the overall “look and feel” of the watch. It includes the shape, comfort and layout of the watch. The design also assesses the case, strap and clasp of the watch.


Material: Material category looks at the material used to design the watch and how it compares to other watches in terms of price quality etc.… (Ex/ Sapphire Crystal, Solid Metal Construction)


X-Factor: The uniqueness of the watch and what makes the watch special over the rest.


Brand: The overall recognition of the brand through consumer awareness, the watch’s history and social media and media presence.


Value – Value measures the overall worthiness of the purchase, from the watch’s price to quality, warranty guarantee, customer support, and durability.


Complications: Complications looks at the type of complication used on the watch, their quality, usefulness and the number of complications.