Life is too short without meaning. At BRENMI we want you to explore what you’re missing and contribute and grow as an individual. We truly believe in growing as an individual and we want you to grow with us.

Complete one of the task before, and tag us at #brenmi and #brandnewme. Show us any of the completed tasks below. All you have to do is document it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…)

Once we see it, we will give you:

5% off for 1 thing you do!

10% off for 2 things you do!

15% off for 3 things you do!

Why? Because we want you to be the best you, and a brand new you! Cheers, and we hope you make a difference! 


  1. Buy a person-in-need or a homeless individual a meal, and have a conversation with them
  2. Pay it forward (buy the bill of the person after you) at a coffee shop or café
  3. Donate clothes that you no longer use to the Salvation Army or local clothes bank
  4. Volunteer a day for the local animal shelter, or for an animal initiative
  5. Volunteer a day for the homelessness at your local homeless shelter
  6. Take a course/workshop/seminar on something new and unrelated to what you know
  7. Start a 30 day challenge, and write about something you appreciate in life, it can be on posted on social media or a professional website
  8. Start a 30 day challenge and create a picture album of something that makes you happy everyday, it can be posted on social media or a professional website
  9. Start a 30 day challenge, and change a bad habit, document your journey on social media
  10. Start a 30 day challenge, and pick up a good habit in 30 days (document your journey)
  11. Train and run a half marathon or a bike ride over 100km
  12. Plant a tree in your backyard, or with an organization
  13. Go to your local park and pick up litter for 30 minutes, fill up an entire bag
  14. Compliment a stranger or a colleague or a friend, and how much they mean to you, record it
  15. Try a different type of ethnic food, that you have never had and write a review about them
  16. Join a recreational club or your hobbies such a recreational house league or a hobby class
  17. Become a big brother or big sister in your local city, through the website here:
  18. Put 5 sticky notes with a positive slogan in public areas, make it noticeable so other people can see them
  19. Stop and say thank you to a security guard, janitor, or police officer, and give them a hug or handshake
  20. Befriend someone eating by themselves and have a conversation with them
  21. Introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t met and bring them a dessert to say hi
  22. Call your parents or guardian and thank them being in your life, record the phone call or conversation
  23. Give your friend something you value as a token of your friendship, on a day that’s not their birthday
  24. Learn a new hobby, or make or do something you haven’t done before from scratch or beginning
  25. Join in on the song by a street musician and play or sing a song for them. Make sure to sure your gratitude by giving them some of your change
  26. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger, and wish them luck
  27. Offer to cut your neighbor’s grass or shovel the snow on their driveway as a token of appreciation
  28. Leave a copy of your favorite book on the subway or in a café. Write a kind note on the front of the book
  29. Skip going out for dinner, and donate the money to a charity that you appreciate and admire
  30. Learn 100 words in a new language and practice it with someone that speaks the language
  31. Take a road trip to a town or city you’ve never been to by yourself
  32. Take a picture of something you find interesting that other people might not know about, and explain its significance and share it on social media
  33. Give 5 free hugs to 5 different strangers, show some love
  34. Bike or walk for an entire day, instead of taking the car or bus.
  35. Complete an obstacle race in your city that you haven’t done before
  36. Grow a plant (if you don’t own one) or grow a vegetable for an entire season
  37. Go to a concert for a music genre that you don’t usually go to, or a genre that you haven’t listened to
  38. Vlog for a day and see what you discover, make it into a YouTube video and share it with your friends
  39. Live a weekend without spending a single dollar “no spend” weekend, and document what you do
  40. Wake up 2 hours early for a week and see what you can do with that extra time, create a journal entry for the week
  41. Go an entire weekend without using your cellphone, computer, or any technology, and document how the experience was
  42. Celebrate a religious holiday that isn’t a part of your religion or belief
  43. Reconnect with 3 old friends that you have not talked to, and start a conversation and do something together
  44. Change someone else’s life, adopt a pet, sponsor a child, or sponsor an animal
  45. Donate blood to your local blood bank
  46. [Time Capsule] Write how you imagine your life in 10 years, and hide the note in a bottle and bury it, after 10 years go and retrieve it.
  47. Forgive someone in your life that have hurt you, and express your feelings to them (doesn’t mean you need to be friends with that person)
  48. Instead of buying your friend or family a gift, make the gift instead, and use the extra money and buy a gift for a sick kid in hospital, or a kid in need
  49. Become an organ donor, so that you can potentially save lives when you pass away
  50. Make a loan through Kiva, change the life of someone in a 3rd world country
  51. Donate your used books to the local library. Leave a little note inside talking about your favorite part for the person that will read it next
  52. Surprise your co-workers and colleagues with free donuts and coffee, to show your appreciation
  53. Go visit your favorite teacher from elementary school or high school, and thank them
  54. Take care of your parents for a day, show them you appreciation, make them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and clean the house
  55. Play an elaborate prank on someone and record the prank
  56. Dance in the pouring rain to your favorite songs
  57. Try a completely different hairstyle, something that you haven’t done before (try a different color, length, or shape). Post a before and after picture
  58. Take someone special (partner, best friend, family) to your favorite place, and try one of your favorite things to do and explore