The idea was as simple as it was ingenious: The traditional right-positioned crown should be moved to the left case flank of the new wristwatches. The seemingly small, but deliberate modification led to a hitherto unknown wearing comfort of wristwatches.

To take account of this groundbreaking innovation and create a clear optical differentiation of the watches, the company helped the wristwatch to new size. The case diameter was raised to 45 millimeters for the women's XXL watch and 50 millimeters for the men's XXL watch. These unique features make a HÆMMER wristwatch unmistakable. You recognize them at first glance.

With the XXL watches and the left-positioned crown, HÆMMER is breaking new ground and consciously breaking with the centuries-old conventions of the watch industry. In contrast to this break stands the extravagant watch design, to which the timepieces invariably remain faithful. HÆMMER watches are therefore made for style-conscious trendsetters who like to position themselves against the mainstream.