BOLDR Supply Co.

The BOLDR Supply Company is a outfitter brand for the urban adventurers of the world. Based out of Singapore and Malaysia, run by co-founders Travis, Leon and Isa, BOLDR supplies watches, apparel and gear that’s stylish, functional and #readyforadventure.

When you wear BOLDR, you’re becoming part of a global #beBOLDR movement - a shared passion and mission for seeking out the adventure in life. You might be someone who likes traversing the forests of the world, or exploring the urban jungles of the cities.

BOLDR wants to empower you through the ideal of adventure, and enable you to be bolder in doing what you’ve never done before.

Designed to be worn, used and abused everyday, our products are made to be #toughenough for all of life’s adventures, whatever they may be and wherever they may take you.