Bedouin Foundry

Inspired by traditional craft, geometric art, the macabre and surrealism.
Designed for comfort and durability.

At Bedouin we believe in quality. We believe you should buy a bag that lasts a lifetime. We do not believe in disposable fashion and an endless replacement cycle; buy quality and buy it once. We are extremely confident of the quality and workmanship of our bags, that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship from normal wear and tear.

We based the design of the bags on the metaphor of the Bedouin tent. A nomadic shelter, rugged and weatherproof on the outside, whereas inside they offer luxury, shelter and comfort. Our bags follow the same metaphor, rugged and durable on the outside, dust proof and water resistant. Inside, printed linings and padded compartments provide secure storage for your personal possessions.