Watch 101: Components

Posted on August 12 2018

Watch 101: Components


DEFINE: Different components that make up a watch.


Movement: The mechanism that makes the watch move.


Crown: A button that allows for the winding of the movement and adjustment of the time.


Pusher: Additional buttons that controls other functions, such as the chronograph or date.


Lugs: Case attachment that allows for a strap or bracelet to be attached to the watch.


Rotor: Gears and weights that winds an automatic watch when worn (through body movement).


Strap: Commonly a leather, metal (referred to bracelets) or rubber attachment that secures a watch to the wrist.


Dial: The face of the watch, used to tell time.


Subdial: A dial within the main dial, that shows an additional complication such as chronograph, seconds, or date.


Glass: Fitted with a mineral or sapphire crystal to show the dial and the front of the watch.


Caseback: The back of the watch.


Hour Marker: Hour indicator shown on the dial.


Case: Holds the gears and pieces of the watch in place.


Bezel: The ring around the case that can secure the crystal. Bezels can be functional for diving and timing.

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