Watch 101: Buckles and Clasps

Posted on August 05 2018

Watch 101: Buckles and Clasps


DEFINED: A watch fastener ensures a tight and comfortable fit of the watch around the wrist.


The first thing to consider when choosing a watch fastener is whether to go with a buckle or a clasp.

  • A basic buckle operates much like a belt does — where the leather or fabric strap threads through the buckle and a pin secures it in place. Buckles are usually made of metal (mostly stainless steel) and are normally attached to the watchstrap with a spring bar.
  • A clasp features a more complex construction where there’s a folding metal component to ensure that the wristwatch remains on the wrist even if the closure is opened.


Common Clasp and Buckles

Butterfly Clasp: A butterfly clasp consists of two metal hinges that open to the right and left and can be available with push button release.


Jewelry Clasp: Its design encompasses a bar over which the latch closes in one snapping motion. It is most often utilized for the design of ladies dress watches.


Flip Clasp: Consisting of just one metal hinge, which opens to one side and are predominantly made of stainless steel. Some flip clasps have push button release for making it easier to open and close the clasp.


Security Clasp: Security clasps open to one side and feature an extra metal flap that holds the clasp closed. These clasps are similar to metal watchbands but are attached differently.


Deployment Clasp: This clasp is structurally divided into three parts and unfolds throughout the length of its three parts, locking it in place with a minute latch that looks like a hook. The clasp features pinch-release buttons on the sides that prevent accidental releases.


Large Buckle: Large buckles are buckles that have a wider "pin". The wider "pin" can ensure a more secure fastening of the watchstrap, as well as improving the overall aesthetics of the watch.


Tang Buckle: This is probably the most common type of buckle, as it is very simple and easy to manufacture, whilst being very secure at the same time. It has an adjustable closure made up of a pin and a series of holes in the band.


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